What are the hazards of water shortage in gas boilers? How to avoid them?



  We know that during the use of gas boilers, water needs to be added for heat conversion. Once the boiler lacks water, the boiler’s evaporating heating surface tube will be overheated and deformed or even burned; the expansion joint leaks, causing the expansion tube to fall off; the heating surface steel is overheated or overheated. Burn, reduce or even lose the bearing capacity, the pipe blasts; the furnace wall is damaged. Improper handling may even lead to a boiler explosion accident.

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  1. The common causes of water shortage in boilers are:

  1. The operator is negligent, and the water level is not strictly monitored or mis-operated; the operator has left his duty without authorization and gave up the monitoring of the water level and other instruments;

  2. The fault of the water level meter caused a false water level and the operating personnel did not find it in time;

  3. The water level alarm or the automatic water supply regulator is out of order and not found in time;

  2. Coping methods:

  When it is found that the boiler is short of water, it should first be judged whether it is a slight or severe water shortage, and then as appropriate, the usual method of judging the degree of water shortage is "calling water". The operation method of "calling water" is: open the drain cock of the water level gauge to flush the steam connecting pipe and the water connecting pipe; close the steam connecting pipe cock of the water level gauge; close the drain cock. If there is a water level in the water level meter at this time, it is a slight water shortage, because although the water level cannot be seen in the water level meter. But the boiler water level has not dropped below the water connecting pipe, after the steam cock is closed. With the condensation of steam in the water level gauge and the decrease in pressure, the pot water is discharged into the water level gauge through the water connecting pipe. When there is severe water shortage, the furnace must be shut down urgently. The key issue here is that it is strictly forbidden to water the boiler if the degree of water shortage has not been determined or is determined to be a serious water shortage, so as to avoid boiler explosion accidents.

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