What are the combustion methods of gas boilers? What are the characteristics of each?



  The gas boiler, as the name suggests, is a device that generates heat through combustion and heat, and then fully combusts with gas. The special requirements of gas boilers for burners are that the burners have a high degree of complete combustion, high adjustment performance, and a wide range of containment. At present, gas burners include direct-fired induced-draft diffusion burners, blast-type diffusion burners, and jet burners.

Combustion method of gas boiler

  1. Diffusion combustion means that instead of pre-mixing, the gas is diffused into each other at the nozzle opening and then burned. This combustion method of the gas boiler can achieve sufficient stability, and the requirements for burning appliances are not high, and the structure is simple and feasible. However, due to the long flame, incomplete combustion is very easy to occur, and carbonization is very easy to occur in the heated area.

  2. It is a partial air combustion method that requires premixing. Part of the air and gas are mixed in advance and then fully combusted. The advantage of using this combustion method is that the burning flame is clearer and the thermal efficiency is higher; but the disadvantage is that it is unstable during combustion and requires higher control of combustion components. If it is a gas burner, it is very necessary to use this combustion method.

  3. Flameless combustion, a combustion method that uniformly mixes the space before combustion with the gas in the gas boiler. When using this method, the oxygen required during the combustion process of the gas does not need to be obtained in the surrounding air, and only needs to be mixed with the air to reach the combustion zone to achieve instantaneous combustion completion.

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