In which industries are gas-fired heat-conducting oil furnaces mainly used and what are their functi



  In the 21st century, with the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, we have emerged countless township enterprises and small processing plants. The boilers that are used most in the production process of these plants, and the thermal oil furnace is one of them. . Because the pot has low pressure and high temperature working characteristics, its heating temperature can reach 340℃ in liquid phase or 400℃ in vapor phase. It can be used as a high temperature heat source at various temperatures below 350℃, and is widely used in various needs for high temperature heating or Drying in all walks of life; high temperature and low pressure; precise temperature control and high heat utilization rate. And optional steam generator can produce saturated steam below 1.3MPa for users to use. Any process that requires uniform and stable heating and does not allow direct flame heating can be used in various production occasions where the heating temperature is between 150 ℃ and 380 ℃. Organic heat carrier can be used for heating.

Gas heat conduction oil furnace

  With the further improvement of environmental awareness, the phase sequence of coal-fired heat-conducting oil furnaces has been eliminated, and the most environmentally friendly gas heat-conducting oil furnace on the market is currently.

  The gas-fired organic heat carrier furnace generally uses oil, steam as fuel, heat transfer oil as the medium, and uses a hot oil circulating oil pump to force the medium to circulate in the liquid phase. It can obtain high working temperature under the pressure of high temperature, and can carry out high-precision control of the operation of the medium. The system has high heat utilization rate and convenient operation and maintenance. It is a safe, efficient and energy-saving ideal heating equipment furnace

  Compared with steam heating, heat conduction oil furnace has the advantages of uniform heating, simple operation, safety and environmental protection, energy saving, high temperature control accuracy, and low operating pressure. It has been used as a heat transfer medium in modern industrial production. It is widely used.

  heat transfer oil furnace is mainly used for heating crude oil and natural gas and processing, storage and transportation of mineral oil in the oil factory industry. The oil refinery uses heat transfer oil to preheat the cold material, and it has been successfully used to heat the solvent and extractant evaporation devices in the lubricating oil manufacturing process.

  In the chemical industry, thermal oil furnaces are mainly used for distillation, evaporation, polymerization, condensation/demulsification, fatification, drying, melting, dehydrogenation, forced insulation, and the synthesis of pesticides, intermediates, antioxidants, surfactants, fragrances, etc. Heating of the device.

  heat conduction oil furnace is mainly used for heating oil decomposition, fatty acid distillation, fatification, nitrification, hydrogenation reaction, concentration, vacuum deodorization and other devices in the fat industry.

  In the food industry, it is mainly used for heating bread baking equipment, biscuit food baking equipment, candy production equipment, grain drying equipment, edible oil extraction and refining equipment, distillation pots, autoclaves, conveyor belt dryers .

  In the textile printing and dyeing industry, it is mainly used for drying setting devices, hot melt dyeing devices, dyeing printing devices, dryers, dryers, calenders, flattening machines, washing machines, cloth mills, ironing machines, hot air drawing Heating of width etc.

  In the medical industry, it is mainly used for the heating of equipment and devices such as medicine preparation, raw material mixing, configuration, disinfection, distillation, evaporation, melting, etc.

  In the synthetic fiber industry, it is mainly used for heating of polymerization, melting, spinning, thermosetting, fiber finishing, stretching and drying equipment. In the paper industry, it is mainly used for the heating of glue rollers, drying rollers, drying rooms, drying cabinets, hot melt machines, wax melting pots and corrugated paper processing.

  heat-conducting oil furnace is mainly used in the papermaking industry to heat glue rollers, drying rollers, drying rooms, drying cabinets, hot melt machines, wax melting pots and corrugated paper processing.

  In the plastics and rubber industries, it is mainly used for heating and heat preservation of hot pressing, hot extension, extrusion, kneading, banburying, vulcanization molding, injection molding machine, glue mixer, conveyor belt dryer, screw extruder and mold .

  Heat-conducting oil furnaces are also widely used in the wood industry, mainly used for hot pressing of fiberboard, particleboard, laminate, plywood, veneer, and heating of wood drying equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment and gluing machines.

  In the building materials industry, the heat-conducting oil furnace is mainly used for gypsum board drying, concrete member solidification protection and prefabrication production, ceramic tile die, decoration material drying and linoleum production line heat.

  In road construction, it is mainly used for asphalt heating, dissolution, asphalt storage tank, asphalt concrete and emulsified asphalt heating and heat preservation.

  In metallurgy, machining and foundry industries, it is mainly used in metal degreasing tanks, acid irrigation, pickling tanks, cleaning tanks, electroplating tanks, Lvyang plate oxidation tanks, electrode manufacturing, shower heat treatment devices, phosphate treatment equipment, baking Heating of the machine room, sand core drying, varnish spraying and drying, and assembly processing equipment.

  In the air-conditioning and electrical equipment industry, the heat-conducting oil furnace is mainly used for centralized or decentralized heating in factories, offices, hospitals, civil buildings, and hotels; polishing machines, rolling mills, vacuum machines, dryers, and drying machines in electrical equipment manufacturing Heating of chamber and vacuum chamber.

  In the fat and paint industry, it is mainly used for heating in autoclaves, dryers, distillation pots, evaporation equipment, paint drying, baking, drying and high temperature curing.

  Heat conduction oil furnace is mainly used for heating and heat preservation of gas storage tank, mixing station and distribution station in the coking industry.

  heat conduction oil furnace is also used in the automobile manufacturing industry, mainly used for the heating of tunnel drying rooms, degreasing baths, and phosphoric acid treatment equipment.

  In national defense research. Mainly used for high-temperature heat sources required for the development of new technologies, new materials and new products for national defense scientific research.

  In the carbon industry, it is mainly used for graphite electrodes, carbon products, pitch melting, kneading pot heating, extrusion molding heating.

  in the shipping industry. It is mainly used for heat for heavy oil tanks, asphalt tanks, sulfur tanks and containers that need to be heated and insulated on ships.

  In addition to the above industries, the heat transfer oil of the heat conduction oil furnace can also be used for warm water generators, hot water generators, steam generators, radiators, and soap and detergent industries, tar processing industries, and washing machines.

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