What are the advantages of new biomass fuel boilers



  What are the advantages of the new biomass fuel boiler?

biomass fuel boiler

  1. Save resources and reduce waste of resources. Biomass fuel uses straw from farmland and waste wood as fuel. Compared with other coal-fired and oil-fired boilers, it saves a lot of money.

  2. No smoke or dust. Traditional boilers emit sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other toxic and harmful gases to the atmosphere, and cause considerable environmental pollution. Boilers using biofuels have no smoke and dust, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

  3. High thermal efficiency and fast heating. The exchange system of the biomass boiler adopts super heat-conducting pipes, which heats up twice as fast as traditional boilers. The thermal efficiency of the boiler reaches more than 80%, and the heat loss is low.

  4. Long service life. The furnace body of the bio-fuel boiler is made of high temperature resistant materials and high temperature resistant fibers. The temperature outside the furnace is not high, while the traditional boiler is made of refractory bricks.

  5. Fully automated management, the biomass fuel boiler does not require manual operation, and the operation is simple. The number of employees to manage the boiler is greatly reduced, saving a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

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