The advantages of biomass energy-saving and environmental protection furnaces and the disadvantages of steam boilers



  Take bathroom as an example, compare the advantages of biomass energy-saving and environmentally friendly furnaces with the disadvantages of steam boilers and other boilers:

  "Steam boiler" is dangerous, consumes a lot of coal, slows work, requires secondary heat exchange, small heating area, the fire goes straight through the chimney, the chimney exhaust temperature is extremely high, and the boiler skin temperature is high. "Ordinary hot water boiler" (traditional type) has slow heating, large water capacity, small heating area, fire goes straight to the chimney, high boiler skin temperature, high smoke exhaust temperature from the chimney, burns one boiler and puts one boiler with water, blending with hot and cold water Wait.

  Example: Comparison of a 0.3-ton steam boiler and our company’s boiler for baths with the same power after being ignited at the same time.

  1. The steam boiler cannot produce steam to exchange hot water within 1 hour, when the steam exchanges hot water. More than 60 kilograms of coal has been consumed, and the company’s bath-specific boiler can produce hot water that reaches the bathing temperature after 5 minutes of ignition. When the steam boiler produces hot water from the steam well, the bath-specific boiler has already produced hot water. The temperature of hot water is more than 10 tons.

  2. In the normal operation of the steam boiler, the exhaust gas temperature is as high as 350℃, and the chimney becomes red. In normal operation, the company’s boiler for baths has an exhaust gas temperature of about 130°C.

  3. Calculate the cost of fuel economically. In the off-season, if 20 people take a bath per day, the ticket price is 3 yuan per person, and 5 tons of bathing water are required, 70 kg of coal is required before the steam boiler produces steam, and then 5 tons of cold water are heated by steam. It also needs 10 kilograms of coal, a total of 80 kilograms of coal (6000 kcal/kg, 800 yuan/ton), and the stove time requires one judgment, the cost is 64 yuan, and the loss is 4 yuan. With Jufeng 70 boiler, from ignition to output of 5 tons of hot water, the coal consumption is 24 kg, the furnace time is about 30 minutes, and the cost is 20 yuan. The profit is 40 yuan.

  Boiler workflow:

  First, the groundwater is pumped out by the submersible pump and sent to the automatic water supply. Covered by the electric valve, the water supply is controlled by the electric valve, and the heating tube is heated in the water outlet with a controllable temperature probe. When the boiler is working, the outlet water temperature is set in the microcomputer control panel in advance. When the temperature sensor senses the temperature to reach the set temperature, it sends a signal to the microcomputer, and then the microcomputer sends commands to control the electric valve to work, and continuously produces water for the bath at the set temperature. The higher the furnace temperature, the faster the water production rate, and the boiler is always operating in a dynamic equilibrium process.

  Safety: no pressure operation will not explode, easy to operate, safe operation without stoker certificate.

  Energy saving: According to the testing by the testing center, the thermal efficiency is as high as 83%. Compared with the steam boiler, burning similar coal saves energy by more than 45%, which greatly improves the economic benefits.

  Self-control: The furnace adopts a microcomputer automatic control system, which can automatically control the water temperature and room temperature within the set range (bath 42'C, room temperature 15°C-25°C).

  Automatically adjust the water temperature of the large pool and shower, and set a self-protection system. For the phenomenon of boiler over-temperature and water shortage, the electric panel can automatically stop the water temperature, the shower water temperature can be automatically adjusted, and the self-protection system can be set to prevent the boiler from overheating. In the event of water shortage, the electric panel can automatically stop running, and automatically alarm, or it can be controlled manually.

  Fast heating: It only takes 5-20 minutes from ignition to bathing. From groundwater to bathing water (42 ℃), the output is 10-30 tons per hour. Our company has various models of demonstration boilers, allowing you to personally operate from ignition to water production.

  Environmental protection: The chimney can be walked indoors, making full use of intimacy. It can also lead to underground waterways without the need to erect high chimneys. Not limited by coal types (burnable bituminous coal, anthracite, coke, natural gas, oil, firewood, etc.). With dust removal function, it meets Taiwan's environmental protection requirements and protects the surrounding environment.

  It is suitable for large, medium and small hotel baths, leisure and entertainment center school district office buildings, factory restaurants, etc. It is the most ideal choice for heating baths.

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