Features of biomass steam boiler



  Features of biomass steam boiler:

Biomass steam boiler

  Based on the introduction of foreign advanced combustion technology, combined with the actual situation of our country, according to the particularity of biomass fuel, the biomass combustion boiler is designed and developed with cheap biomass pellets as fuel. This series of boilers adopt the vertical boiler structure, which has the characteristics of reasonable structure, automatic feeding, high thermal efficiency, full combustion, no pollution, low emissions, compact structure, simple and convenient installation, small space occupation, and low operating cost, compared with fuel and gas. , The electric heating boiler can save 30%-60% of the operating cost. It is the best product to replace electricity, oil, gas, and coal-fired steam boilers.


  1. High-efficiency operation: The two-pass design of flue gas is adopted, and the second-time optimization of oxygen-enriched full combustion, and the thermal efficiency of professional economizers can reach more than 86%.

  2. Economical and energy-saving: the use of a new generation of biomass pellet fuel can save 30%-60% of operating costs compared to oil, gas, and electric heating boilers.

  4. Low carbon and environmental protection: Through reasonable design, the biomass fuel can be semi-gasified and burned to achieve smokeless and complete combustion. The emission indicators are all lower than the standard value requirements of the first-class area ‖ in the "Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standards" (GB13271-2001). Among them, the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is almost zero, which is lower than that of oil (gas) boilers.

  5. Simple operation: The screw conveying system is adopted to realize automatic fuel supply, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and makes the use of the boiler more user-friendly.

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