Source of biomass fuel



  The sources of biomass fuels are divided into the following four categories.

biomass fuel

  1. Agricultural resources

  Mainly include waste in agricultural production and processing and various energy plants. In agricultural production, after the crops are harvested, the residual amount of straw is very large. In the processing of agricultural products, wastes are generated. These wastes are relatively concentrated and easy to handle. They can be used as biomass fuels and can also be used as agricultural traditional life energy.

  2. Poultry manure

  The amount of poultry manure is related to the production of animal husbandry.

  3. Domestic sewage and industrial organic wastewater

  Industrial organic wastewater is mainly alcohol, food, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, etc. The wastewater discharged during the production process is rich in organic matter, which can be used to produce biogas through anaerobic fermentation, and it can also treat sewage at the same time.

  4. Urban organic solid waste

  Mainly household waste, commercial service waste, etc.

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