What are the characteristics of biomass boilers



  Compared with ordinary boilers, the structure of biomass boilers has increased space. At the same time, secondary air is also arranged, which is conducive to the burning of biomass burning materials and a large amount of volatiles will be released instantly and fully burned.

  The control system adopts high-brightness and full-Chinese display, and uses the PLC control system as the central control unit; exchanges information with boiler users in the way of man-machine dialogue, so as to realize the fully automatic, safe and reliable operation of the biomass pellet boiler.

  The boiler can be equipped with a fuel ignition burner, which realizes ignition automation and is very convenient to operate. The boiler is equipped with an automatic dust removal device, which can remove the deposits on the heating surface of the boiler in time, ensuring the high efficiency and stability of the boiler.

  The biomass furnace uses high-efficiency insulation materials, the surface temperature of the boiler is low, and its heat dissipation loss is quite small, almost negligible. All pressure parts of the boiler are made of high-quality boiler steel, and are produced in strict accordance with China's national regulations and standards.

  The biggest feature of biomass boiler is: energy saving, environmental protection, and easy to install and use.

biomass boiler

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