How to save energy in gas hot water boiler?



  Gas-fired hot water boiler is a kind of hot water boiler, which is divided according to product use and product fuel. The two main functions of gas-fired hot water boiler are heating and bathing. Many companies and units want to maximize the energy efficiency of their boilers. So what are the ways to save energy?

1. Regular maintenance

  For boilers, boilers need regular maintenance. If the boilers are not regularly maintained, the fuel consumption of the boiler will increase. In severe cases, it will cause equipment failure or explosion accidents and other dangerous situations.

2. Waste heat recovery

  For the energy saving of gas-fired hot water boilers, we can add a flue gas waste heat recovery device, which can effectively save fuel and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

gas hot water boiler

3. Reduce pollution loss

  It is necessary to grasp the timing when the boiler discharges the sewage. Generally, the sewage discharge under the condition of low load and high pressure can reduce the sewage discharge.

4. Effective insulation

  For this point, everyone must be clear. If the water in the gas hot water boiler body is heated after cooling, it will consume more fuel. If the water in the boiler body is at the residual temperature, the fuel can be saved accordingly. Therefore, for the boiler body that is not used for a short time, we need to keep warm to reduce the temperature loss of hot water.

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