What problems will occur if you blindly increase the size and number of holes in the water-cooled grate of a straw boiler



  Blindly increasing the size of the openings of the water-cooled grate of a straw boiler and increasing the number of openings of the water-cooled grate, the following problems will occur:

  1) Reduce the primary wind pressure, reduce the primary wind speed, reduce the primary wind penetration ability, and increase the loss of unburned ember.

  2) Excessive primary air volume will destroy the aerodynamic field of the furnace, resulting in an increase in the carbon content of fly ash and carbon monoxide emissions.

  3) Increasing the proportion of fly ash and the carrying amount of large unburned embers will increase the load on the tail dust collector system, increase the amount of dust removal equipment wear, shorten the service life of the filter bag, and accelerate the wear rate of the induced draft fan.

  4) Accelerate the abrasion rate of the pipe on the heating surface and increase the risk of ash clogging on the heating surface of the tail.

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