DZL Series Solid Fuel Fired Industrial Boiler

DZL Series Solid Fuel Fired Industrial Boiler

Solid fuel fired chain grate steam boiler is single drum water tube and fire tube boiler, the combustion equipment is chain grate. Water wall tubes at left and right sides of furnace are the radiated heating area. the two wings at furnace and screw fire tube in the drum are convection heating area. This boiler uses the upper drum, water wall tube and head are in symmetrical arrangement mode. The drum is welded assembly by cylinder and front back tube plate. This furnace structure in reasonable arrangement and high efficiency. This series boiler adopts several environmental protect measures (bag dust collector, double towers desulfurization, etc.) to meet the national emission requirement.

The solid fuel steam boiler uses the new scientific achievement, such as arch tube plate, screw fire tube to solve the problem of tube plate flaw, water wall tube explosion, low efficiency, insufficient output, and poor adaptability of fuel. Compare with other boilers with the same structure, the boiler has the advantages of more compact structure, more stable operation, smaller volume, faster output, and higher thermal efficiency.

Rated Capacity:



<2.5 Mpa




Rice husk, wood chips, bagasse, straw, and other biomass fuels.

Boilers Structure

DZL Series Solid Fuel Fired Industrial Boiler

1. The fore-and-aft arch of the boiler utilizes the patent technique: the horizontal water-cooling pipe irrigates the whole water-cooling arch structure. It increases the heating area, has the function of heat insulating arch.

2. The boiler employs the structure of water-cooling side contact-seal. The design is advanced and reasonable, it replaces the traditional way for side seal with iron, avoids the problems of grate stucked by cast iron seal and side seal burnout because of air leakage.

3. The design of two-wings flue makes the flue gas access flue gas box from the back smoothly, increases the flue gas temperature in the high temperature tube plate, avoids the tube plate crack.

4. The drum employs single-return screwed pipe, improves the efficiency of heat diffusion, and avoids dust gathered in flue gas tube by taking advantage of screwed pipe’s ability of gas clean automatically.

5. The boiler adopts unique double secondary air design, improves the ignition condition of biomass fuel, achieves high combustion efficiency.

Auxiliary equipment



The chain grate is 500~1000mm longer than others, improve combustion efficiency. The grate has small fuel leakage, has long working life.



We adopt Siemens PLC and Schneider electrical components. can realize automatic interlock control to ensure boiler safe operate.



The boiler is equipped with aluminum alloy fin tubes, its heating transfer area is 2-10 times larger than the bare tube, has a good heating transfer and mechanical property.



We adopts the stainless vertical pump with low noise, stainless impeller and pump body.

Steam header

Steam header

Standard configuration: one inlet, three outlets, equipped with pressure gauge and thermometer. It can be designed according to customers' requirement.

Water softener

Water softener

It is fully automatic and free debugging. We adopts PE material for salt tank body, it has hard texture and it is easy to move, anti-shock, and no leakage.


Zhongding Boiler pay more attention to the boiler quality from raw material to producing process.

boiler quality
we choose domestic well-known manufacturer who can provide component report of raw material, to ensure the raw material is qualified. After the completion of raw material procurement, there are specialized technicians in our factory to make sampling chemical composition analysis and physical performance analysis, and we can also provide raw materials inspection report.
We adopt numerical control cutting, which has the advantage of high precision, neat cutting surface, nice appearance and high material utilization.
Boiler manufacturing
Boiler production
We adopt submerged arc fully automatic welding. When each welding process is done, the 100% X-ray inspection will be arranged for every welding seam, which can prevent the defective parts from flowing into the next process.


Model Steam
Rated pressure
Thermal efficiency (%) Available fuel Fuel consumption
Overall Dimension
L×W×H (m)
DZL1-0.7/1.0/1.25-T 1 0.7/1.0/1.25 82 Biomass pellet ~200 5.1×2.2×3 17
DZL2-0.7/1.0/1.25-T 2 0.7/1.0/1.25 82 ~400 5.5×2.3×3.3 23
DZL4-1.25/1.6-T 4 1.25/1.6 82 ~800 6.6×2.6×3.6 25
DZL6-1.25/1.6-T 6 1.25/1.6 82 ~1200 8.2×2.9×3.8 35
DZL8-1.25/1.6-T 8 1.25/1.6 82 ~1600 8.1×3.1×3.8 45
DZL10-1.25/1.6-T 10 1.25/1.6 82 ~2010 Up 7.7×3.2×3.6
Down 8.6×3×2.6
Up 23
Down 28
Note: 1. Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.
2. Our company can design boiler products based on customers’ requirement and different biomass fuels.


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