Coal/Biomass Fired CFB Steam Boiler for Industrial Production

Zhongding coal and biomass fired CFB steam boiler is a new generation CFB boiler, it is the national patent product of Zhongding Boiler. Circulating fluidized bed boiler is consisted of combustion chamber, separator, fly ash circulating system, superheater, convection bank, economizer, and air preheater. The boiler inherits the original technology advantages, at the same time, makes big breakthrough on the technology of cyclone fluidized combustion, cyclone separator, and loop seal device. The thermal efficiency of coal and biomass power plant boiler is about 5% higher than the other CFB boilers.

The boiler could burn different coal and biomass fuels. The coal could be anthracite, bituminous and brown coal, lean coal, and combustible with coal gangue, gasifier slag, chain slag and other low-grade fuel, also, the slag can be used comprehensively, and the carbon content of the slag is generally below 2%. The biomass fuel could be wood, bagasse, paper products, bamboo, cotton shell, peanut shell, straw, sawdust, coconut shell, etc.

Rated Capacity:



< 3.8Mpa




Different coal and biomass fuels

Boilers Structure

Coal/Biomass Fired CFB Steam Boiler for Industrial Production

1. Integrate furnace, separator and loop seal system by using membrane water wall, compact structure.The water cooling separator skeleton is membrane wall, prevents the low efficiency caused by air leakage. The membrane wall could abort the heat of inner wall, allowing the residual carbon to burn in the separator (do not cause coking).

2. The boiler arranges cyclone combustion device in furnace, achieves cyclone fluidized circulating combustion, improve combustion efficiency.

3. The loop seal device is composed of two membrane water walls, and the heat of fly ash could absorbed by the water wall tubes.

4. The boiler uses low flow rate design, the area of the furnace is large and the smoke speed is low. The buried pipe adopts anti-wear steel with the special size and angle, and reduce the flidization velocity, to reduce the abrasion. The separator is at the outlet of combustion chamber, the large particles of the flue gas are separated, reduce the abrasion of heating surface.

Auxiliary equipment



Use centrifugal blower for ventilation, blower air, convey materials. The blower could be customized based on the specific requirement.



Choose the high quality slag cooler with strong colling capacity and fast slag cooling speed.

Dust Remover

Dust Remover

There are different type dust removers, we will choose the most suitable one based on the specific requirement.



We adopts the stainless vertical pump with low noise, stainless impeller and pump body.

Steam header

Steam header

Standard configuration: one inlet, three outlets, equipped with pressure gauge and thermometer. It can be designed according to customers' requirement.

Water softener

Water softener

It is fully automatic and free debugging. We adopts PE material for salt tank body, it has hard texture and it is easy to move, anti-shock, and no leakage.


Zhongding Boiler pay more attention to the boiler quality from raw material to producing process.

boiler quality
we choose domestic well-known manufacturer who can provide component report of raw material, to ensure the raw material is qualified. After the completion of raw material procurement, there are specialized technicians in our factory to make sampling chemical composition analysis and physical performance analysis, and we can also provide raw materials inspection report.
We adopt numerical control cutting, which has the advantage of high precision, neat cutting surface, nice appearance and high material utilization.
Boiler manufacturing
Boiler production
We adopt submerged arc fully automatic welding. When each welding process is done, the 100% X-ray inspection will be arranged for every welding seam, which can prevent the defective parts from flowing into the next process.


      Model Rated Evaporation Rated Steam Pressure Rated Steam Temperature Feed Water Temperature Design Efficiency Body Dimension
SHX6-1.25-A II 6t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ According to the different types of coal, the design efficiency is not lower than 86%. 9795×7160×13950
SHX8-1.25-A II 8t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ 10295×7160×13950
SHX10-1.25-A II 10t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ 10795×7160×13950
SHX10-2.5/400-A I 10t/h 2.5MPa 400℃ 105℃ 10795×7160×13950
SHX15-1.25-W+Slag 15t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ 10315×8270×14810
SHX15-2.5/400-A+Slag 15t/h 2.5MPa 400℃ 105℃ 10315×8270×13810
SHX20-1.25-A II+Slag 20t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ 11565×8570×15500
SHX20-2.5/400-A+Slag 20t/h 2.5MPa 400℃ 105℃ 12075×8570×16500
SHX25-1.25-A II+Slag 25t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ 12660×8810×17000
SHX25-2.5/400-W+Slag 25t/h 2.5MPa 400℃ 105℃ 12660×8810×17190
SHX35-1.25-W+Slag 35t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ 13350×9880×15800
SHX35-2.5/400-W+Slag 35t/h 2.5MPa 400℃ 105℃ 14050×9880×15800
SHX40-1.25-W+Slag 40t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ 14430×9700×15000
SHX40-2.5/400-W-A II 40t/h 2.5MPa 400℃ 105℃ 14020×9720×16300
SHX50-1.25-A II+Slag 50t/h 1.25MPa 194℃ 105℃ 14430×9630×15765
Note: Parameter is for reference only, the specific should follow the design institution.


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