Carbon Rotary Kiln Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Carbon rotary kiln waste heat recovery boilers take the use of the waste heat of the exhaust smoke from carbon rotary kiln or tank carbon calciner, to produce the superheated steam for turbonator or life. After calcination, the gas has high temperature (900 to 1100 degrees Celsius), low dust content (~ 5g / Nm3), and a higher content of SOin the flue gas, based on this, the waste heat in our company solves the above problems, it emploies the vertical structure to reduce area occupation, the rectangular fin and membrance wall reduce the volume of the boiler.

Rated Capacity:



<3.8 Mpa




Waste Heat

Boilers Structure

Carbon Rotary Kiln Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

1. Waste heat recovery boiler is nonstandardized boiler, Zhongding Boiler customize design the boiler based on the specific situation.

2. The boiler is compact, compare with the traditional carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler, occupies small areas, low investment on infrastructure, advanced structure and superior performance.

3. High mechanical strength, shock resistance, strong adaptability to load, easy to operation.

4. Two stage separation of gas and solid in furnace, high dust removing efficiency, and protect the environment.

Auxiliary equipment



Carbon steel material, the diameter is bigger than common manufacturers, exhaust gas temperature is lower than others.

Ash Blower

Ash Blower

Use air pulse shock wave soot blower for ash removal, significantly effective, simple operation, high degree of automation.



Take use of high quality deaerator, remove oxygen from water and prevent boiler oxygen corrosion.



We adopts the stainless vertical pump with low noise, stainless impeller and pump body.

Steam header

Steam header

Standard configuration: one inlet, three outlets, equipped with pressure gauge and thermometer. It can be designed according to customers' requirement.

Water softener

Water softener

It is fully automatic and free debugging. We adopts PE material for salt tank body, it has hard texture and it is easy to move, anti-shock, and no leakage.


Zhongding Boiler pay more attention to the boiler quality from raw material to producing process.

boiler quality
we choose domestic well-known manufacturer who can provide component report of raw material, to ensure the raw material is qualified. After the completion of raw material procurement, there are specialized technicians in our factory to make sampling chemical composition analysis and physical performance analysis, and we can also provide raw materials inspection report.
We adopt numerical control cutting, which has the advantage of high precision, neat cutting surface, nice appearance and high material utilization.
Boiler manufacturing
Boiler production
We adopt submerged arc fully automatic welding. When each welding process is done, the 100% X-ray inspection will be arranged for every welding seam, which can prevent the defective parts from flowing into the next process.


Model Rated Evaporation Capacity (t/h) Rated Pressure (MPa) Steam Temperature (℃) Exhaust Gas Temperature (℃)
Q11/950-4-2.5/450 4 2.5 400 170
Q11/900-4-2.5/400 4 2.5 400 155
Q15/800-5-2.6/400 5 2.6 400 180
Q26.8/900-9.8-2.5/400 9.8 2.5 400 159
Q38.2/930-15-2.5/400 15 2.5 400 148
Q50/1100-25-2.5/400 25 2.5 400 150
Note: Zhongding Boiler could customize design the waste heat recovery boiler based on the actual demand


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